Friday, August 2, 2013

Archived Blog entry #8-November 2011

November 4-6
Sunday, November 6
This Weekend was a blast! New friends were made, and old friends were here to share the fun!  Saturday afternoon we had a bocce ball tournament!  Bret made cocktails for everyone and it was game on!  Dinner Saturday night, well lets just say you couldn't have eatin better if Paula Dean or K Paul had made it themselves!  Everyone outdid themselves with the potluck, and I'll tell ya, if ya ain't ever had a choclate, cinammon, jalapeno muffin, you ain't lived!  Wow!  Campfire found us enjoying hot apple cider spiced with cinammon sticks and a bottle of rum! Nothin like enjoying a good campfire with yer buds and something warm to drink! 

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