Friday, August 2, 2013

Archived Blog #16 -Shower house Ground Breaking

Ground breaking News!
Out with the old/in with the new Showers
Friday, January 13 thru Tuesday, January 31
by Mitch
Finally, after seven years, great anticipation, and even a measure of skepticism the new guest toilet/shower facilities are underway.  It all started Wednesday with the unceremonious demolition of the rustic showers we are all too familiar with.  It only took a few short hours to strip out the showers, sink, and the beer pallet and stone floor, and return the shower barn to it's pre-Circle J condition.  The next step is to drop in 19 additional peers to support the new floor.  The completed project will be climate controlled and boast two standard toilet stalls (with real flush toilets), two private enclosed showers, one bath suite with changing room, shower and commode and a triple sink vanity. The completed building will also have a gym facility and large jacuzzi. We'll keep you posted here, and on the Camp Circle J fan page on Facebook as we progress.  We anticipate scheduling several work weekends for the labor intensive phases of the project so if you'd like to have a hand in the construction, keep an eye open for our e-mail notifications and sign up sheets.

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