Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Wow, what a weekend!  The place was packed.  The Bunkhouse was booked full.  The RV park was also full.  A great crowd of fun folks.  The heat index was thruogh the roof, so the Pool was the center of activity.  A great time was had by all.  Randy created gallons of refreshing cocktails to kept the party going.  Thanks to all our friends and guests for making it such a successful, and fun Holiday event.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Big News! Read all about it!

Finally our the much awaited & anticipated release of our new beautiful website has happened!
Make sure to take a look at www.campcirclej.com

Designed by Mitch's daughter, Moriah Weyer, the site offers a more modern look and easier links along with more information. With the new site, we now have this blog, which should keep us up to date on more pressing matters along with Facebook.

All of our media has a more consistent look due to Moriah's keen photography and graphics work. Please follow our blog, or at least come back and check out the latest news from time to time and don't forget to like our page on Facebook too!

Moriah's work can be seen at www.FleurGraphic.com and on Facebook (feel free to like her page too)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Archived Blog #22 - Now Accepting Credit Cards!

Wrap it up & Charge it!
Tuesday, August 7 thru Thursday, August 1
We're happy to announce that Circle J Ranch & Camp Circle J is now accepting credit cards!  We accept Mastercard, Visa & Discover!  You can pay for your camping experience and anything from our camp store with your credit card, so, wrap it up n charge it, boys!

Archived Blog #21 - Mike's Birthday

Mike's Birthday Crawfish Boil 2012!

Tuesday, May 8
Aaaayyyy EEEE! That was the call of the day!  Mike's crawfish boil had us all sweatin & cryin for more!  Mike outdid himself this year with 50 lbs of crawfish, along with the potatoes, corn, mushrooms & sausage!  It was slap yer Momma good!  The guys brought along all kinds of wonderful dishes to accompany the crawfish, and we had a special visit from Miss Trixie, who brought out her inner Marilyn as she sang Happy Birthday to Mike!  Thanks for a great time y'all!

Archived Blog #20

Wednesday, April 4
Thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate my birthday this past weekend!  We had a big crowd of great guys, and damn good food!  Kevin Lively & Kevin Rowe outdid themselves fryin up the best damned catfish you ever ate!  Add the homemade hushpuppies,  & you'll be slappin yer grandma!  Tomy's very cajun red beans n rice was gone in a blink, n Shawn & Dain's deviled eggs n mashed potatoe's would've made Paula Dean Proud! I'm talkin butter y'all!  I can't give away the recipe, it's a family secret & Shawn would cut me!    Campfire was festive and lasted into the wee hours of the mornin!  Thanks guys for a great time!

Archived Blog #19 - Shower House Construction

Shower House Construction!
Monday, March 5
The Shower House reconstruction is coming right along! We've got the plumbing, subfloor and new roof panels installed!  We've ordered a new steel roof system and will have it here in the next day or so to install.  Framing for the two remaining exterior walls should begin tomorrow!  We're getting closer by the week to a completed re built shower house / gym!

Archived Blog #18 - Work Weekend

Circle J Work Weekend!
Friday, February 17 thru Sunday, February 19
We can't say thank you enough to everyone who came out for our Shower House Work Weekend!  The guys worked tirelessly through the rain on Saturday, and succeeded in taking down the storage barn, getting the final floor joists attached and started getting the subfloor laid!  We're working right along and hope to have it all finished as soon as possible!  Anyone who has a day free here n there and wants to come out n lend a hand would be most appreciated!

Archived Blog #17 - Last weekend of 2011 season

Final Weekend of our 2011 season!
Sunday, January 29
Our final weekend of our 2011 season had us celebrating Kelly's 50th birthday and a great crowd of wonderful guys, with a nice mix of new guests and long term members!  The days were sunny & mild with cool evenings gathered around blazing campfire!  Thanks to everyone for making our 2011 season full of wonderful memories!  We're closing for February and will be busily working on the shower barn conversion!  Look forward to March and our 2012 season!

Archived Blog #16 -Shower house Ground Breaking

Ground breaking News!
Out with the old/in with the new Showers
Friday, January 13 thru Tuesday, January 31
by Mitch
Finally, after seven years, great anticipation, and even a measure of skepticism the new guest toilet/shower facilities are underway.  It all started Wednesday with the unceremonious demolition of the rustic showers we are all too familiar with.  It only took a few short hours to strip out the showers, sink, and the beer pallet and stone floor, and return the shower barn to it's pre-Circle J condition.  The next step is to drop in 19 additional peers to support the new floor.  The completed project will be climate controlled and boast two standard toilet stalls (with real flush toilets), two private enclosed showers, one bath suite with changing room, shower and commode and a triple sink vanity. The completed building will also have a gym facility and large jacuzzi. We'll keep you posted here, and on the Camp Circle J fan page on Facebook as we progress.  We anticipate scheduling several work weekends for the labor intensive phases of the project so if you'd like to have a hand in the construction, keep an eye open for our e-mail notifications and sign up sheets.

Archived Blog #15-Friends Bar Closes

End of an Era around Cedar Creek Lake
Sunday, December 25
It's the end of an era here in the Gun Barrel City, Cedar Creek Lake area.  Friends bar, which has served the lake area GLBT community for more than 20 years has closed its doors.  It's a huge loss to our community and the community at large.  Over the years,  Leo & Rick and the staff of friends have raised tens of thousands of dollars for both local charities, such as the Cedar Creek Animal Shelter, Food and toy drives and of course to the LGBT and HIV communities.  Many lasting friendships were made within those walls, and you were never a stranger when you walked through their doors.  Friends  will be truly missed by everyone who lives out here, both in the gay and straight community and certainly by all of us here at the ranch! 

Archived Blog #14 - Christmas 2011

Christmas Holiday
Thursday, December 22 thru Sunday, December 25
Merry Christmas everyone from all of us at the J!  We hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and don't forget to leave cookies n milk out for Santa!  Don't want a lump of coal left in yer stocking!  We'll be closed for the holiday from December 22nd -December 25th.  Hope to see all y'all out here for New Year's Eve in the Country!

Archived Blog #13 - 2011 Christmas Party

Bear Paw Christmas Party!
Friday, December 2 thru Sunday, December 4
It may have been raining in Dallas Saturday afternoon, but the sun shown on the Bear Paw Weekend!  Friday night we kept warm and snuggly around the fire like a bear in its den!  Shawn & Dain won the scavenger hunt on Saturday, and brought a large pot of Taco Soup to the potluck!  Talk 'bout some good eatin!  The Pork Chili was smokin good, it brought sweat to yer brow and a tear to yer eye! Paul's pulled pork and the rub he used on it made ya wanna slap yer momma!  We held a pool tournament and cocktail party in the bunkhouse Saturday afternoon! 

Archived Blog #12 - Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011
Thursday, November 24 thru Monday, November 28

The ranch was aburst with fall color for our Thanksgiving feast!  Our family of friends gathered close, the house full of the smells of wonderful things cooking, the sound of children's laughter while running through the house with the dogs right there with 'em! We had a wonderful time here at the ranch, and I'd say no one left the table wanting for more!  The rain clouds parted during our campfire and we were blessed with an amazing night sky full of stars, the milky way, and even a few shooting stars to wish on!  Friday morning, some of us saddled up for a nice morning ride! Thank you to everyone who made our Thanksgiving, one to remember!

Archived Blog #11 -Fall 2011

Fall comes to the J
Wednesday, November 16
I've heard it said from friends in the NE, that TX doesn't have fall color.  Well, Fall has come to the J, here's some pic's!  See more on our facebook fanpage.... The weather's perfect for a lazy afternoon nap in a hammock.  A beautiful stroll through our forrest with the leaves cracklin under your boots, or settin with the guys in front of a warm campfire!  It's fall, take some time to enjoy it!  Come on out and spend some time with us here at the ranch!

Archived Blog #10-7th annual Turkey Shoot & Chili Cook-Off!

7th annual Turkey Shoot & Chili Cook-Off!
Sunday, November 13
Redneck Paradise! That's what this weekend was here at the ranch! Complete with a Shotgun Weddin!  Battalion Motorcycle Club was here sponsoring the Turkey Shoot, and dang if we didn't have some real marksmen on the target range!  Brett Baker won the Turkey Shoot competition, and Kevin Lively took 1st place for both best Chili and best presentation!  Congratulations to you both!  Everyone's buddy, "Mooch" took honorable mention in the Chili competition!  Between the two competition, the ranch hosted a honest to goodness shotgun style weddin! The bride rode in on her white mare, to greet her waiting groom!  I guess ya just had to be there, and there's pic's to prove it!  Friday and Saturday night found us gathered around the fire, with warm libations served from the camp kettle!  Of course, being Veteran's Day, we had to recognize our active or retired military present at the fire.  Each one told us stories of their service to our country and were thanked for their service, especially during the time of Don't Ask Don't Tell.  After we retired our storm damaged flag to the fire as presribed by tradition, and everyone broke into a spontaneous round of our National Anthem.  It was a night to remember!  Saturday, Marty from Battalion built his version of burning man in our fire pit, to the amazement of the crowd!  All I can say is, what a weekend!  Thanks to everyone who competed in the Chili Cookoff! Your Chili's were all deserving of 1st place!

Archived Blog #9-New Septic System

New Septic System arrives at the J!
Wednesday, November 9
Well here it is, ya thought it'd never happen!  The Septic Installation Company has arrived at the J to install our new commercial septic system!  Should be done by Friday or Saturday of this week!  Flush toilets can't be far behind! Stay tuned!!

Archived Blog entry #8-November 2011

November 4-6
Sunday, November 6
This Weekend was a blast! New friends were made, and old friends were here to share the fun!  Saturday afternoon we had a bocce ball tournament!  Bret made cocktails for everyone and it was game on!  Dinner Saturday night, well lets just say you couldn't have eatin better if Paula Dean or K Paul had made it themselves!  Everyone outdid themselves with the potluck, and I'll tell ya, if ya ain't ever had a choclate, cinammon, jalapeno muffin, you ain't lived!  Wow!  Campfire found us enjoying hot apple cider spiced with cinammon sticks and a bottle of rum! Nothin like enjoying a good campfire with yer buds and something warm to drink! 

Archived Blog Entry From Old Site #7-Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011
Monday, October 31
The woods were full of scary sounds and wandering werewolves and vampires!  All the friendly ghouls were gathered at the campfire doing the Monster Mash!  Miss Scarlett even made a visit all the way from Tara!

Archived Blog Entry from old site #6-Bike Week

Tuesday, May 17 thru Tuesday, June 7

Camp Circle J Bike Week!  May 27 - June 6 2011! 

If you love bikes and bikers, then you need to make your reservations for Bike Week!  The Hawg's Dogs will be converging on the ranch beginning Memorial Weekend all the way till Monday June 6th!  We'll be having day rides during the week and BIG CRAWFISH BOIL on Saturday June 4th!  The Dogs will be coming in from all over the country to have a rip roarin, hard partyin good time here at the ranch! The bunkhouse is reserved for the Dogs for their trip, but there's plenty of tent space and some RV slots available!  If ya ride, then polish up yer bike and make your reservations now, if not make your reservation and come party with the Dogs!  They don't bite!

Archived Blog Entry form old site #5-New Bunkhouse Look

Spring of a new season,
What's new this season!
Saturday, February 5 thru Saturday, December 31
  The bunkhouse has a whole new look.   There are actual bunks now.   More people will be able to enjoy the space.  The new bunks are less like bunkbeds, than individual cubicals.  Soon we'll be fitting them with privacy curtains.  There are now lockers available to keep your valuables safe.  Don't forget to bring a lock.   The TV viewing area is also improved, for your movie watching enjoyment.
  If you havn't been here since last summer you may not know about the New party deck/dock at the pond.  Over six hundred square feet of space for sunbathing, swimming, fishing and more.
      The sunroom and check-in station has been completely updated,  with new ceramic tile floor, granette top check-in desk, resturant style professional coffee service and more.  You won't recognise it.
There are more great improvements are on the herizon.  Come on out soon, and see it all for yourself.  2011 is here and we're getting ready for a great season!

Archived Blog Entry from old site #4

2011 Events Calendar
Wednesday, January 5

We're working on our 2011 Events Calendar!  Be watching we'll have it up soon!  We're putting together some new events for this season as well as old favorites like the Chili Cookoff and Turkey Shoot!  Be watching for our 1st annual Gumboff coming in May!  (That's a Gumbo Cookoff by the way!) We're looking forward to a great 2011 season starting March 1st!

Archived blog entry from old site #3-We have Wifi

The 21st Century Has Arrived! - We have Wifi
Monday, November 2
For those of you who need to get online while enjoying your stay at the ranch, we now offer wireless internet access.  Given our rural location, the connection is somehwat limited, but fast enough to get most everything.

Archived Blog Entry form old site #2-Coolest Jukebox

Help Build The Coolest Jukebox In The World
Monday, November 2
We now have a touch screen jukebox with thousands of songs!  Please bring any and all of your CDs to rip into MP3 format and help us build the greatest music collection of all time.  ALL MUSIC TYPES ARE WELCOME.

Archived post from old site #1-Camp Circle J t-shirts

Camp Circle J t-shirts have arrived
Get yours today before they're all gone

Thursday, April 30
Just $15.00 each,  Available in sizes med, large, XL, and  XXL, they are made of comfortable 100% pre-shrunk cotton.  The Circle J brand emblazons the left breast.  The back reads "Camp Circle J  an east Texas campground for men".

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Web Redesign Coming!!!!

Currently we are working on redesigning our website and overall web presence. We are hoping to provide a better experience while browsing our site and social media, with a more modern and consistent look across platforms as well as easier links and more information. Please feel free to view our current website and like our page on Facebook.
Circle J Ranch On Facebook
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