Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Wow, what a weekend!  The place was packed.  The Bunkhouse was booked full.  The RV park was also full.  A great crowd of fun folks.  The heat index was thruogh the roof, so the Pool was the center of activity.  A great time was had by all.  Randy created gallons of refreshing cocktails to kept the party going.  Thanks to all our friends and guests for making it such a successful, and fun Holiday event.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Big News! Read all about it!

Finally our the much awaited & anticipated release of our new beautiful website has happened!
Make sure to take a look at www.campcirclej.com

Designed by Mitch's daughter, Moriah Weyer, the site offers a more modern look and easier links along with more information. With the new site, we now have this blog, which should keep us up to date on more pressing matters along with Facebook.

All of our media has a more consistent look due to Moriah's keen photography and graphics work. Please follow our blog, or at least come back and check out the latest news from time to time and don't forget to like our page on Facebook too!

Moriah's work can be seen at www.FleurGraphic.com and on Facebook (feel free to like her page too)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Archived Blog #22 - Now Accepting Credit Cards!

Wrap it up & Charge it!
Tuesday, August 7 thru Thursday, August 1
We're happy to announce that Circle J Ranch & Camp Circle J is now accepting credit cards!  We accept Mastercard, Visa & Discover!  You can pay for your camping experience and anything from our camp store with your credit card, so, wrap it up n charge it, boys!

Archived Blog #21 - Mike's Birthday

Mike's Birthday Crawfish Boil 2012!

Tuesday, May 8
Aaaayyyy EEEE! That was the call of the day!  Mike's crawfish boil had us all sweatin & cryin for more!  Mike outdid himself this year with 50 lbs of crawfish, along with the potatoes, corn, mushrooms & sausage!  It was slap yer Momma good!  The guys brought along all kinds of wonderful dishes to accompany the crawfish, and we had a special visit from Miss Trixie, who brought out her inner Marilyn as she sang Happy Birthday to Mike!  Thanks for a great time y'all!

Archived Blog #20

Wednesday, April 4
Thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate my birthday this past weekend!  We had a big crowd of great guys, and damn good food!  Kevin Lively & Kevin Rowe outdid themselves fryin up the best damned catfish you ever ate!  Add the homemade hushpuppies,  & you'll be slappin yer grandma!  Tomy's very cajun red beans n rice was gone in a blink, n Shawn & Dain's deviled eggs n mashed potatoe's would've made Paula Dean Proud! I'm talkin butter y'all!  I can't give away the recipe, it's a family secret & Shawn would cut me!    Campfire was festive and lasted into the wee hours of the mornin!  Thanks guys for a great time!

Archived Blog #19 - Shower House Construction

Shower House Construction!
Monday, March 5
The Shower House reconstruction is coming right along! We've got the plumbing, subfloor and new roof panels installed!  We've ordered a new steel roof system and will have it here in the next day or so to install.  Framing for the two remaining exterior walls should begin tomorrow!  We're getting closer by the week to a completed re built shower house / gym!

Archived Blog #18 - Work Weekend

Circle J Work Weekend!
Friday, February 17 thru Sunday, February 19
We can't say thank you enough to everyone who came out for our Shower House Work Weekend!  The guys worked tirelessly through the rain on Saturday, and succeeded in taking down the storage barn, getting the final floor joists attached and started getting the subfloor laid!  We're working right along and hope to have it all finished as soon as possible!  Anyone who has a day free here n there and wants to come out n lend a hand would be most appreciated!